About Us

We inspire life changing study experiences

At WSSS we inspire life changing study experiences. We are an international education advisory company and over the years, we have been known to provide professional services that are founded on ethical principles. 

Since 2015, we have been partnering with reputable institutions in Canada, UK, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai and the Netherlands in order to offer admission placement; career counseling and visa guidance to students. 

Each year, through our service, a number of students gain admission to institutions abroad and subsequently obtain their study visas. Let’s get started with you!


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Our Vision

To inspire life changing international study experiences

Our Mission

WSSS is an international education consulting firm that is poised to:


Partnering with reputable institutions around the world to provide professional (international) educational services to students locally

To create a seamless admission and visa application process

To give ethical visa advice

To thoroughly examine the interests and skills of prospective students and place them in institutions that match their interest.

To constantly inspire moments of excitement and optimism

Explore a new world of possibilities with WSSS

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