About Us

WSSS - Wellspring School Support Systems

WSSS, an international education consulting organization, is a subsidiary of Management Science Centre – a private limited company that has been operating in the education sector in Nigeria since 1983.

At WSSS we offer career counseling; market international colleges and universities to prospective students and parents; place students in reputable colleges and universities around the world and provide visa guidance. These services are delivered by friendly and well trained staff who bring to bear their extensive years in education and counseling.

As educationists with years of experience in the industry, we thoroughly examine the interests and skills of prospective students. This is to professionally guide them on choosing the right courses and suitable institutions that best communicates their interests.
In collaboration with our partner schools, we offer to our students a range of courses at different education levels.

A’ Levels, Degree Foundation or Pre-university programmes

Undergraduate programmes

Ordinary and advanced diploma programmes

Top up courses (for HND and third class degree holders)

Postgraduate programmmes

Premasters programmmes

Masters programmmes

Doctorate programmmes